Palm Sunday

To begin with celebration and adoration of Jesus, the “Hosanna in the highest!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” And then to swiftly move toward denial and distain, shouts of “crucify him.” This is Palm Sunday. And this is Holy Week. This is also our story. At least if your honest it is.

I once heard Peter Rollins, an author and theologian tell a story about being asked if he affirmed or denied in the resurrection of Jesus. His response was powerful. I actually found it on youtube, check it out...

It’s true right, we all deny the resurrection and we all, WAY to often yell with our lives “crucify him.” Often right after we have publicly ushered him in as savior, yelling “Hosanna.”

God forgive me and fill me with your grace and spirit so that i might die with you and to my selfish denial of you. By your grace enable me to not just affirm or believe in your resurrection but participate in it.

This is the journey of Holy Week. 
May we follow Jesus to the cross, so that we my participate in his resurrection.