Blue Like Jazz

Well I went to the opening night of Blue Like Jazz and the least I can say is that I was NOT disappointed! I'm with most and don't really care for "Christian" movies all that much. The guys of Blue Like Jazz faught hard not to fall into that category but an edgy Christian hipster film that has a curse word or 2 in it  is still a Christian film.

And this is a Christian film.

But it's Christian in all the ways you would hope for it to be and almost none of the ways that prompts you to push stop on your DVD player (these poor movies don't often make it into the theatre).

It's Christian in the way good art is Christian.In the way books, music and architecture is / can be Christian. Not because is was produced by a "christian" machine, i mean publishing company but because it is soaked in the creativity and beauty that drips with honesty and grace that can only come from God.

I realize the fight against calling it a Christian film but it's like people saying "I'm not a Christian, i'm a follower of Christ." I get it, i get it...

All that to say this is a great movie. It reminded me of the year in college where i read lots of Nietzsche, cussed a lot, doubted if i believe in God (but not really), and rebelled against authority (unfortunately i live with the authority, an RA. He probably still hates me!  Sorry Jason!)

So go see. Let it stir in you the desire to be honest with your faith, to wrestle with the big questions, and to spend time with people who don't believe like you do, kinda like Jesus did.

It also helped that part of the movie was filmed in the church i attended in Nashville, which i went to with Steve Taylor (writer / director guy), and  i saw about a dozen people in the movie that i knew. That was fun!