A Week of the Disciple...

So this week is the week of the disciple. I gave a talk last Sunday to a group of 20 or so parents on discipleship. The talk had a specific angle and i'll share more about that later this week but preparing for this, thinking & praying, really got me thinking about discipleship! How it works, who is suppose to do it, who is suppose to be it, why would we even want it... etc.

All things disciple ... this is the week of the disciple! So let the conversation begin!

To start off the week i have started a little tumblr website entitle Dusty Discipleship

This site is all think discipleship. Really i wanted to post a talk by Ray Vander Laan, which is in 14 parts and i was trying to figure out the best way to do that... Tumblr it is!

so CHECK OUT THIS TALK!!! It's about an hour long and it's in 14 different 7-10 minutes chunks on the Dusty Discipleship page.  I know that's a little annoying but it will be well worth. Life changing even. I try and listen to it AT LEAST once a year if not more... so challenging and good!

ALSO... here is a short video by Rob Bell entitled DUST. I'm pretty sure Rob took his content and ideas from the RVL (Ray Vander Laan) talk i just mentioned. They actually both lived in Grand Rapids and were friends. But no doubt RVL is the source here. But if you want to watch the short, trendy version here it is... and it's good!

ENJOY... and come back for more tomorrow. This is the week of the disciple!