LENT — The Brilliance // Music Monday 19.0

On Mondays, every once in awhile I drop some music!I cleverly call this "Music Monday's" and well today is a Music Monday!

Over at www.LentWebGuide.com I gave this Lenten album a shout out (specifically on this day if you car to see it).

The album is entitle LENT by a band called The Brilliance. I don't think they call themselves The Brilliance but they are conceded and think they are brilliant but probably more so because they are a "sort of" a Christian worship band and believe that God is brilliant, i would agree.  But would also say they too are brilliant, or at least this Lenten album they have produced is.

Here is a great song entitled Dust We Are and Shall Return, probably my favorite of the album and such a great Lenten tune! Enjoy...

Well i hope you will go onto iTunes or Amazon and pick up this album to accompany through your Lenten journey. I might remind you, we are half way there. Half way to resurrection so hang in their and remember that God in Christ is present, even in the desert and He desires you more than you desire anything. And that is the most important thing.

Grace, peace and mercy erik