Lenten Reading...

Thought i would share what i'm reading this Lent. And i would love to know what your into! So every year i pick one book during Lent that will help me reflect on the season as well as the things i've given up and taken on. Last year i dove into N.T. Wright's book Reflecting The Glory. And it was great! This year i've picked up Alexander Schmemann's book entitled Great Lent: Journey to Pascha. I read bits of this last year but i decided to make it on as my Lenten book this year... and so far it's amazing!

Also on amazing is a free kindle version of a Lent devotional by Alexander Schmemann entitled Great Lent (with a lengthly subtitle). This looks like it's a shorter devotional version of the book i'm reading but i'm sure it's awesome and it's FREE! So get it!

I'm also reading a couple little devotional guides this Lent.

The 1st is my book LENT: A Journey of Discovery by Addition, Subtraction and Introspection. My youth group as well a some friends of mine that are pastors are using this book as a resource to lead their students through this time of Lent. Excited to see what God does with these words i've put to paper. My hope is that it's a helpful guide on this Lenten journey.

My Church also put together a little Lenten devotional guide that uses Psalm 119 as a lighted path for the Lenten journey. You can check that out  (free PDF) if you'd like.

I hope your Lent has started off well and that you are pondering your mortality and your need for a savior, hoping and looking forward to a resurrection but willing to take the hard, long joinery to get there.

Grace, peace and mercy Erik