MLK :: remembering...

I've had a handful of meaningful conversation and interaction surrounds Martin Luther King Jr. that have made a impact on me. I remember talking with a friend of mine about not just his legacy but talking about how he lived as a young man, how focused and driven he was to pursue the things of God. I lived in Montgomery AL where he pastored. I've visited his church. I've read some of his writings and watched LOTS of video of his speeches / sermons. I'm floored every time i think of his amazing journey of non-violence, the courage and faith he must have had. I pray that i will be able to non-violently and self-sacrifically live in a way that brings the kingdom of God to come as i believe Dr. King did. Here is a short video, be inspired!



Here are a couple links that are worth checking out... Martin Luther King Jr. wikipedia page Nobel Prize bio

and don't foret to check out youtube, tons of great stuff.