Good message? & Never Too Early...

How do you think of a good message or series for students? There’s the argument of “topical” or “expositional”. Or maybe you just get a good idea, find some bible verses and your ready to preach. Maybe you think your students need to hear about a particular topic so you craft some messages to fit. Maybe you preach the lectionary or some other version of predetermined passages. How do you think of a good message or series messages for students?

I probably do a mix of all the above. Some methods are better than others but none is right or wrong, in my opinion.

The current series we are doing, Never Too Early was a mix. I really wanted to dive into some scripture with my students and 1 Timothy kept coming to mind. My initial thought was to walk verse by verse through it. But then i started reading through the Old Testament as a new years resolutions and some of those stories really began to pop. So instead of just looking at Timothy as a young leaders i thought, let’s look at the life of a handful of young people in the bible who God used to accomplish his purposes. Almost immediately after this was the route i decided to go i ran across this video at church, PERFECT!

That’s was how this one came together and so far so good. 
We focused the first message on the disciples in general and how most of them were probably teenagers and the very core of Jesus’ movement to change the world. The second week we took a look at David. He’s a no brainer. The older brothers overlooked because, as the scripture says, “humans look at the outward appearance (things like age and experience) but God looks at the heart.” And then we talked about David taking off the armor given him to face the giant because he realized the only way he would win the battle was by faith in his God, not by trying to be someone else and living in someone else's armor or shadow.

Next week we will look at Timothy and focuses on the verse “Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example...” This will be followed by Samuel and then a wrap up message to the series.

Doing this gig has it’s challenges. One of them is coming up stellar content that really connects with students... EVERY WEEK! The advantage i had in my previous gig was that i spend a couple months crafting messages and was then able to deliver them multiple times over a few months. And if a message was REALLY good i could keep in the rotation for up to a year. 

Things are a bit different now but i’m excited about how it’s stretching me and i look forward to working with other youth pastors like myself to collaborate in providing high quality biblical content to students and their families.

If you up for some collaboration let me know!

Grace and peace erik