My life these days is all about rhythm. When you’ve lived in a place for awhile you just have it, or at least hopefully you have it. And when you have rhythm you don’t really think about it. How often do you think about your heart beating or your wrist watch ticking. Your heart just beats and after a while your watch ticks and you never even notice it.

Well i just moved to Texas! The Dallas area, Plano to be precise. And everything is new! My work rhythm, my family rhythm, my community rhythm, my coffee shop rhythm, all of it. So i'm thinking a lot about rhythm.

God created us to have rhythm. Sabbath, festivals / parties, worship, spiritual disciplines, family, community... all kinda of different rhythms. I really think when we are in tune to these spiritual rhythms we live at our best.

Screen Shot 2011-11-18 at 10.00.37 AM

I went to my new small group last night. It’s hard because i had such a great communal rhythm in Nashville; great friends, great church, great community. Sitting with a bunch of new people reminds me of what i had, it’s hard and not horribly comfortable. It’s like i can hear my watching ticking really loudly but i need to remember that once i’ve worn it, am familiar with it, and when it feels like it’s apart of me (like any good watch winds up doing) i’ll enjoy it just as much as the old one. It just takes time (no pun intended).

I’ve also been having a lot of Anglican conversations lately. More and more i’m realizing probably my favorite things about the Anglican way is the rhythm it invites you into. The calendar and season, the liturgy, the community, the sacraments... all these things offer a rhythm that helps one to rest and live in tune with the life God created us for.

Today i’m feeling a little out rhythm; new job, new geography, new church, new community. But we’re getting ready for a new year, church year that is. Advent is right around the corner and i’m anticipating this next year to be amazing! Full of rhythm and wonder.

PS :: I'm also trying to get into a blogging rhythm. At least once a week is the goal. It's Friday! Just made it!