A Rule of Life... (speaking of rhythm)

Speaking of rhythm, i get these daily devotional thoughts and the last two have been about developing a rule of life. Another way of talking about this concept of a “rule of life” might be having spiritual rhythm.

When i was growing up anything that had the word rule in it i ran from. Anything that was discipline wasn’t for me. Even when i became a Christian the concepts of spiritual discipline wasn’t very appealing to me. I thought that if you really loved God you did things “from the heart.” That’s kinda true but i think i’ve learned that doesn’t exclude having spiritual discipline. It might even be the more necessary for those who love God to be discipled in their spiritual life.

The idea of a rule of life comes largely from Saint Benedict, a monk from the 7th century. Honestly i don’t know a ton about St B. but he believed work and prayer were the most important things and i think he wrote a lot about living by a certain rule. I probably need to do more research on him, he’s seems like a cool fellow.

This idea of a “rule of life” is something to think about for sure. Something i want to develop more and more as i mature in my faith and relationship with Jesus. Mainly because i think i need it more and more.

Here are the reflections i’ve read the last couple days that have been an encouragement to me, enjoy.

I INVITE YOU to consider developing and claiming your own patterns and disciplines for spiritual growth. In Christian tradition this is known as developing a rule of life. A rule is a pattern of spiritual disciplines and attitudes that provides structure and direction for growth in holiness. … Growth in faith requires commitment, structure, and yes, discipline. Developing a rule of life moves you beyond good intentions into the arena of daily walking with God.


YOU CAN START developing a rule of life by choosing … some practices and disciplines to incorporate into your daily life. The behaviors, attitudes, disciplines, and practices you choose will soon become routine … in your life of growing intimacy with God.

Some people carry negative images of rules and discipline. You must remember that rules and discipline exist for guiding and training. Building a rule of life guides and supports your spiritual growth.

Your rule can be simple. Dorothy Day … committed to daily practice the presence of God by reading the Bible, keeping a journal, receiving the Eucharist, and looking for the face of Christ in the poor and hungry she served every day.

Both quotes are from Larry James Peacock book Openings And share via Upper Room daily devotional