Times are a changen...

To my faithful blog followers, all 2 of you (my wife and... CRAP, there’s only one)

Anyway, to my faithful follower(s), you know i tend to be a blog slacker most times but times are a changen (maybe).

I’m anticipating A LOT of changes these days, here are a few of them...

#1. I’ve got an office, and no i didn’t just find a new coffee shop on the other side of town, i’ve actually have an office that i go to and can sit at my desk and do work. I anticipate this rhythm helping my blogging life.

#2. I live in TX! It still blows my mind when i think about it. But i’m excited to share some  of my new found Texas spirit with ya’ll. I mean EVERYBODY i know who is from Texas thinks it’s the greatest country in the world. Not sure i will get there but so far the Texans are winning me over.

#3. I’m a youth pastor / student minister / how ever you want to say it... i get to hang out with amazing students, share life, follow Jesus, have fun, and learn about ministry in an entirely new context. For the past 10 years i’ve shared here and there about my traveling ministry, speaking to thousands of students every year and the wild journey that has been but now i get to share about the 100 or so students i see every week and what we are doing to help these students know and love Jesus. I hope this journey will be helpful as i share with friends and ministry partners that i’ve met along the way. And hopefully we can interact and bounce ideas around right here on this blog.

#4. I’ve got a new blog / website coming! Hopefully it will be done in the next couple weeks. It’s always a bit of motivation to write when you’ve got new new real estate to write on!

#5. Life in general is changing. I’ve haven’t kept up with sharing that very well over the past year but hopefully that will change. From being a dad, to being a youth pastor, to being a traveling speaker (part-time now), to being a Texan, to being a simple man trying to follwo Jesus well... life is changing and sharing our journey with each other is to journey together. I don't think there is a better way to do it!

Life’s a chanen... and i’m excited to share.

Grace and peace


Youth Pastor // Speaker // Blogger