Nashville #2 :: Great Eats...

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One of my favorite things about Nashville is the food! So many good local eats it will blow your mind.

Our last meal in Nashville was at one of my favorite places in the city, Baja Burrito! It’s a local Burrito joint that also has the best fish tacos in town. The owners name is Troy and if you go for lunch he’ll say hi and probably even make your burrito! One time i tweeted about Andrea and i making a California burrito (classic carne asada burrito with sour cream and french fries) Troy tweeted me back and said our burrito looked amazing and he was going to try it at Baja. He did and he gave me the first California burrito for free. That was awesome! That’s how local eats work, love it!

Here are my top 10 Nashville eateries, in no particular order.

.:: Calipso Cafe

My Sunday favorite! Great chicken w/Jamaican BBQ sauce and some amazing sides!

.:: Sams Sushi

The biggest and cheapest sushi in town. Just be careful navigating Sam the sushi Nazi.

.:: PM

LOVE IT! Great sushi or a great burger, you pick! Can’t go wrong.

.:: Peter’s Sushi and Thai

Technically in Brentwood but great Pad Thai and great sushi.

.:: Siam Cafe

Best Thai food in town. Total hole in the wall but if you can find it you’ll enjoy it!

.:: The Blue Bird Cafe

I’ve only been a few times but there is always some famous people playing guitar and drinking beer. Join em!

.:: Baja Burrito

Like i said, best fish taco’s in town and tons of great memories. It is the 1st place i can remember eating in Nashville and the last before we moved. Enough said!

.:: The Silly Goose

Best sandwhich shop in town. You’ll pay a gold bar but your taste buds will thank you.

.:: Sitar

My favorite Indian place in town and it’s where i took Andrea the nice i proposed!

Some honorable mentions...

Monell’s, Marche, Margo, Jacksons, The Pancake Pantry, Sam’s Sport Bar, Noshville Delicatessen, and one of my wife’s favorite Demo’s, Rosepepper

Would love to hear what your’s are.

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