NASHVILLE #1 :: Exodus to Texas party...

This week is dedicated to Nashville! By Thursday my family and i will have loaded up a 16 foot Penske truck and by 8 in the am we will be making our way to Dallas, Texas—Plano to be precise. The move, like so many, is bittersweet. I am more than excited to get to Plano and dig in to ministry at Christ Church (my new church family). I’m giddy, excited, totally pumped! to get to know the middle school students and the adults that are currently leading them - all the crew that make up the group i will be getting to lead with and share life with. I can’t wait. And Texas is an adventure and i’m always up for an adventure!

But i am leaving Nashville—this is the bitter part of the deal. Nashville, more than any other place i’ve ever lived, feels like home. The other time i left i never stopped missing her, so finally i just came back. But now i leave again. I leave friends i absolutely love, a church that is amazing, and a city that has taught me a lot in the 7 years i lived here.

So in honor of Nashville i will be attempting to post my favorite things about her and my fondest memories while living with her.

Probably the #1 thing i will miss about Nashville are the friends i met here. I have a TON of friends in Nashville, some good, some fair weather, some i see often, some not so often, but all of whom i value and will miss a ton.

Some of my best friends in Nashville threw my family a little going away party or a little "Exodus to Texas" party.

Here is the proof (and to see all the pics check out our party facebook page).

Screen Shot 2011-09-25 at 11.01.36 PM

(if you click on this picture twice you can see it full size)

I love these people and will miss every one of them more than i even want to admit.

More Nashville-inspired blogging to come.