A busy summer...

Well if you get my ministry emails you'll know that my summer had been CRAZY busy! It has been pretty amazing, i'm not gonna lie (i'm working on a summer update email / blog post - stay tuned). But because of my busy summer covering 8 states and thousand and thousand of miles i've taken a little blog vacation. HOWEVER... while on this blog vacation i have dreamed up a few sweet posts and have been working on em' here and there, i'm looking forward to sharing these nuggets soon. The sharing will commence in a couple weeks. I've got a few more things going on and 1 camp left to get ready for.

In the mean the time...

#1. I'm working on a summer update eNewsletter. Should go out next week.

#2. We are still, slowly but surely working on a new ministry website and blog. Hoping it will be up sometime in August. I have my fingers crossed.

#3. Oh just you wait!

For now, grace and peace my friends! erik

Here is a little teaser... a few of my favorite summer instagram pics... ENJOY!

Screen Shot 2011-07-25 at 4.04.18 PM