[ READING :: Luke 19:1-10 ]

Meditation ::.

Man follows his desire. One can even say man is desire, and this fundamental psychological truth about human nature is acknowledged by the Gospel: “Where your treasure is,” says Christ, “there shall your heart be.” A strong desire overcomes the natural limitations of man; when he passionately desires something he does things of which “normally” he is incapable. The only question therefore, is whether we desire the right things, whether the power of desire in us is aimed at the right goal, or whether—in the words of the existentialist atheist, John Paul Sartre—man is a “useless passion.”

Zacchaeus desired the “right things”; he wanted to see and approach Christ.

Zacchaeus is “short”—petty, sinful and limited—yet his desire overcomes all this. It “forces” Christ’s attention; it brings Christ to his home.

Ours is to desire that which is deepest and truest in ourselves, to acknowledge the thirst and hunger for the Absolute which is in us whether we know it or not, and which, when we deviate from it and turn our desires away, makes us indeed a “useless passion.” And if we desire deeply enough, strongly enough, Christ will respond.

—From Great Lent; journey to pascha by Alexander Schmemann

? Do you desire Christ more than anything else ?