CROSSED // LENT D::37 — 2.0

The reading is still Colossians 3:1-17 but Oswald Chambers thoughts are continued here.

And remember;

“When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.”

Meditation ::.

This meditation is entitled Sanctification by Oswald Chambers. There are 2 parts to this meditation, here is part #2, The Life Side.

The Life Side. The mystery of sanctification is that the perfect qualities of Jesus Christ are imparted as a gift to me, not gradually, but instantly once i enter by faith into the realization that He “become for [me]... sanctification....” Sanctification means nothing less than the holiness of Jesus becoming mine and being exhibited in my life.

The most wonderful secret of living a holy life does not lie in imitating Jesus, but in letting the perfect qualities of Jesus exhibit themselves in my human flesh. Sanctification is “Christ in you...” (Colossians 1:27). It is His wonderful life that is imparted to me in sanctification—imparted by faith as a sovereign gift of God’s grace. Am i willing for God to make sanctification as real in me as it is in His Word?

Sanctification means the impartation of the holy qualities of Jesus Christ to me. It is the gift of His presence, love, holiness, faith, purity, and godliness that is exhibited in and through every sanctified soul. Sanctification is not drawing from Jesus the power to be holy—it is drawing from jesus the very holiness that was exhibited in Him, and that He now exhibits in me. Sanctification is an impartation, not an imitation. Imitation is something altogether different. The perfection of everything is in Jesus Christ, and the mystery of sanctification is that all the perfect qualities of Jesus are at my disposal. Consequently, i slowly but surely begin to live a life of inexpressible order, soundness, and holiness—”...kept by the power of God...” (1 Peter 1:5)

—From My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers

I would add to this amazing devotional / meditation that sanctification is letting Christ, not just be apart of your life but BE YOUR LIFE, “When Christ, who is your life...” (Colossians 3:4).

May you be filled with the grace and mercy of God

so that His life can be lived through your bones, because that is sanctification!