[ Reading :: Romans 8:12-17 ]

Our passage today invites into a cycle of life, the cycle of the cross. This cycle of life, the idea that some things have to die in order for other things to live, is true in our bones, it is true our daily lives just as must as it is true anywhere.

“If you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live.”

Roland Rolheiser says this, “This cycle is not something that we must undergo just once, at the moment of our deaths, when we lose our earthly lives as we know them. It is rather something we must undergo daily, in every aspect of our lives. Christ spoke of many deaths, of daily deaths, and of many rising and various pentecosts. The paschal mystery (the mystery of dying to live) is the secret to life. Ultimately our happiness depends upon properly undergoing it.”

—From A Holy Longingn by R. Rolheiser

So it is true. Some things must die in order for other things to live.

? What needs to die in your life so that you can come alive

in all the ways God has created for you to be alive ?