[ READING :: John 12:27-36 ]

Meditation ::.

Whenever we are following in the way of the cross, a moment will come when we say, “If only there were some other way. If only God would stop the world, would make something happen so i didn’t have to go through this process.” Jesus prays in Gethsemane that the cup might pass from him, yet he still affirms God’s will rather than his own. He has come to the climax of all he has been doing up to this point. And so he prays (v.28), “Father, glorify your name.” In other words: God my father, be God my father and be in and through me, so that the world may know and believe that you are God my father.

—From Reflecting the Glory: Meditations for Living Christ’s Life in the World by N.T. Wright

Thoughts ::.

A thought i have been having a lot lately is that i can’t wait for Lent to be over! I want to be done with with the things i have added and i want back the things that i have subtracted. I just want to be done with this desert journey!

But who doesn’t!

Whenever we find ourselves in the desert, the hard, dry places of life it’s probably normal to want out, to want things to change, to want things to be different. Jesus did. But in the middle of his desire for things to be different and for an easier way to be offered he prayer, “I want you to be made know father, more than i want anything else.” (my translation of course.)

And this is the example Jesus gave us.

When we find ourselves in the desert, on the narrow road, approaching the difficulty of our cross will we just want out OR — will we want God, his plan and purpose, his very self to be made known to us and through us. Because if we will following him to the cross, he will be lifted up, in and through us and he will be made known, to us and through us.

? Do you just want to get out of the desert or will you let the desert make you better so that God might be glorified ?