[ READING :: Mark 11:1-11 ]

“When they approached Jerusalem...”

Jerusalem, where it would all go down. This is the destination of our desert journey, this is where it all has been leading us to, this is the place of the cross. Yesterday was Palm Sunday, a confusing day where we remember the people ushering Jesus in as a hero but quickly we turn to shouts of “crucify him, crucify him.”

This is how we begin holy week. A deeply loaded and difficult week that we have been looking forward to because as we approach the hardest time of the journey we also approach it’s climax.

This is our approach to the cross and ultimately to the resurrection.

And i don’t know about you but a long desert journey, as this Lent has been, makes my bones ache for a resurrection.

Meditation ::.

HOLY WEEK can be a hard week. Jesus moves toward inevitable crucifixion. Those around him allow rage and cowardice to consume them. Friday brings sadness beyond measure. . . .

Holy Week only works, however, if we put ourselves in the thick of it, which involves more than a grim determination to face the worst. It requires courage born of the knowledge that God’s sovereign grace surrounds this week and our lives within this week.

—From The Grace of a Hard but Holy Week by Robbins Sims (from The Upper Room daily online devotional)

? Can you see yourself in that crowd ? ? The crowd that one minutes shouts “Hosanna” and the next “Crucify Him” ?

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