The Pursuit of Happiness & my 14 month old son...

Watching the last 45 minutes or so of this movie the other night with my 14 month old son in the other room absolutely WRECKED me! It was heart wrenching, tear jerking, and a slew of other things! I can’t imagine the pain and frustration, the despair and humiliation that he must have been experience as he walked his son through the line at the homeless shelter or as he locked themselves in a bathroom for shelter over night. GOSH!!!

If this doesn’t move you to help people and stand along side of those who are less fortunate and in need i don’t know what will.

The crazy thing is that i feel like i’m a few bad months away from being in his shoes. And i'm also thankful that i am an amazing community away from every being in that place.

Those are 2 important things to think about i believe.

#1. You’re not to far removed from broke and bottom!

In the last few years i have met people and even have good friends who have pretty much lost it all, filed bankruptcy, divorced the love of their lives, and found themselves where they, where i never thought they would be! We judge the guy selling papers on the street corner and assume bad choices have gotten him their and we mock the lady sitting along side the curb with her cardboard sign asking for spare change but my guess is that many of those people never thought they would be their either. Your circumstance don’t make you a better or worse human being. You just are a human being and we should treat people like it no matter the circumstances or the choices they have made.

#2. I am thankful that i am an amazing community away from ever being homeless.

Yes i have family that in a worst case i could get too and live with. But even right here in Nashville i have a community of people whom i’ve chosen to follow Jesus with that would never let me live on the street or wait in line at the homeless shelter. And when i take in a story like the one portrayed in the movie The Pursuit of Happiness i am overwhelmed with gratitude for that fact. And i am challenged never to take that for granted!

I’m also reminded about how much i love my son and that fact that i would do anything for him! I just pray i can faithfully father him and follow the way of Jesus in protecting and providing for him.

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Grace and peace

(from a ragamuffin father who is thankful for the people God has placed in his life!)