[ READING :: Hebrews 4:14 - 5:10 ]

A powerful means of meditation are Christian Icons. Icons are not meant to be a accurate depictions of a historical event but rather an image, a piece of art that points to a spiritual reality that has taken place or as Rowan Williams puts it, “(icons) are - like our efforts in Christian living - human actions that seek to be open to God’s action.”

So here are 2 icons that depict temptation, that of Jesus and that of Adam and Even. As we spend this week of prayer and self-examination, specifically focusing on temptation my hope is that we would see that only Christ has done it perfectly and our journey with Him in the wilderness full of temptation is one of learning to lean into Him, learn from Him and being filled with Him so that we might, through his grace, also have victory in the midst of temptation.

(gaze on these images and meditation on temptation, knowing you are not alone.) ( Click on the images - twice - to see full size )

Temptation Meditations
If your interested in further reflection and meditation with the aid of Icons i would recommend Rowan Williams book, The Dwelling of the Light; Praying with Icons of Christ. He has a few others but this is the one i have read and it’s solid.

“If we paint a picture of Jesus, we’re not trying to show a humanity apart from divine life, but a humanity soaked through with divine life. The working of God, the ‘energy’ of God, to use a favorite word of Eastern theologians, are all the time acting on and in the human nature of Jesus. We don’t depict just a slice of history when we depict Jesus; we show a life radiating the light and force of God. And this means also that if we know what we’re doing when we represent Jesus, if we approach the whole matter in prayer and adoration, the image that is made becomes in turn something that in its own way radiates this light and force.”

-- From the introduction of The Dwelling of the Light by Rowan Williams

? Do you believe that there is hope in the midst of temptation ? ? What or who is that hope ?