LENT 2011 // So it begins...

LENT CalendarI remember being in high school, i was an extremely zealous Christian kid but when people were walking around with a smudge on their forehead i just wasn’t sure what to do. Do i tell them, a kind Christian thing to do i thought OR do i just ignore them so that they don’t feel stupid for having huge black smudge on their forehead, that weirdly looked like a cross some times. Luckily i never said anything and soon found out what was going on, the Catholics were doing something weird again! In college i studies Christian ministry and theology and before long i found out what the deal was, it was Ash Wednesday. And before long i actually decided to attend an Ash Wednesday service with some friends at the Catholic church that was pretty much on campus. I began to learn about the season of Lent and participate in the giving up of certain pleasure. I’ve given up caffeine, meat, sugar, social media, all of my phone apps. All things that i hold dear to my heart! To dear some times! Which is why i gave them up i suppose.

In the last few years i have really found the value in not only giving sometime up but also taking something on. I have attempted to wake up an extra hour early to pray, i have attempted to read extra scripture, to work out or eat healthy and this year we are trying another something.

The bottom line is that Lent has been water for my thirsty soul. It’s been a journey of taking away or adding on in an effort to clear space in my mind and heart to draw close to the Lord, it’s been a journey of entering into the sufferings of Jesus (if only in small ways) so that, though it is friday, i can celebrate on Sunday and in the sharing of His suffering i might somehow participate in his resurrection. ??It’s all about resurrection. ?But as we will talk about, Some things have to die in order for other things to live!

So welcome to this Lenten journey. I made this little calendar as a visual aid for our journey toward resurrection! It always helps me when i can see things.

So as i’m saying, this is a journey of discovery by addition, subtraction, and introspection. I hope you will join us!

The Sunday on the Calendar are specially marked because some people take Sundays off, they Sundays to indulge a little, to celebrate the resurrection as we always do even though we are in the middle of the desert of Lent. I’m hard core so, or something, so i don’t usually take off Sundays but we’ll see. This year will be a though one!

I look forward to journeying with you!

Grace and peace erik