INDULGE!!! // Shrove or Fat Tuesday...

So tomorrow -- the day before Ash Wednesday is know as Fat Tuesday or if you grew up across the pond, Shrove Tuesday. And it’s a day to INDULGE! We know know about Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras and historically there has been a purpose behind this party, despite the lack of purpose that this day seems to currently posses. (Unless the purpose is simply to get waisted!)

The purpose of this day is to indulge a bit in all the things you are planning on giving up. Eat some extra candy, drink all the coffee you can can, watch all the TV your mind can handle, and most importantly -- party with your friend! (i would add... in a way that doesn’t break any commandments! We are Christian after all!)


Across the pod they call this day ShroveTuesday, which is pretty much synonomous with Fat Tuesday with some of it’s own tradition and flair! And until last year i had never heard of Shrove Tuesday or it’s traditions but luckily i'm in a community group with a family from across the pond! They introduced us...

The deal is that traditionally all the families would bring their flour, sweets, and other goodies and eat it all! They wanted Lent to be a time where they ate dull foods because the foods they enjoyed and that gave pleasure were refrained from as a way to embrace the season of Lent. Because the typical things they brought to purge themselves from were the goods to make pancakes, that’s what they made and that’s what they played! As you can see in the video above we practiced some pancake games ourselves. And we will do the same tonight! It should be fun!

I would encourage you to start a tradition with your community. Flips some cakes, have a party, do something fun cause Lent is coming.

So yea, INDULGE! ?What are you giving up this year? Eat up, drink up, make it count!

Grace and peace erik

PS :: here is another pancake video for good measure. ENJOY!