LENT // Sunday #1

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On Sunday i will post the Revised Common Lectionary readings. My hope is that you read these, meditate on them, and that many of you will also engage these verses on Sunday morning with your church community. If your church doesn’t follow the lectionary it’s still powerful to know that thousands of Christians around the world are reading and thinking on these same verses. Your apart of something big, your not on this journey alone!

The verses are taken from the Revised Common Lectionary. If you click on the image it will take you to the readings online. There are two resource i use to connect to the lectionary readings and the church calendar. First is a really easy Church calendar i found and use a lot, this is the link the images with the verses (above) will be linked to. The other resource that i have found very helpful and informative is the CRI “The Voice” web page. This site can not only connect you with the lectionary readings but also has TONS of great info on liturgy, the church calendar (the season, theology, ect.) and many other helpful topics. There is a lot of good resources there, so check it out.

Grace and peace - i hope your first week of Lent was deep and meaningful! (i would love to hear about it!) erik