READING :: James 4:13-14


“Very quickly there will be an end of you here; look what will become of you in another world. Today the man is here, tomorrow he has disapeared. And when he is out of sight, quickly also is he out of mind.

Oh, the stupidity and hardness of man’s heart, which thins only upon the present and dose not rather care for what is to come.

You ought to order yourself in all your thoughts and actions, as if today you will die.

If today you are not prepared, how will you be tomorrow. Tomorrow is uncertain, and how do you know that you will live till tomorrow?

When it is morning think that you might die before night.

And when evening comes, dare not to promise yourself the next morning.

Therefore you should always be ready, and so lead a life that death may never take you unprepared.

Labor now to live so, that at the hour of death you may rather rejoice then fear.

Learn now to die to the world, so that you may then begin to live with Christ.

Learn now to despise all earthly things, that you may freely live with Christ.

Ah, foolish me, why do you think to live long, when you can not promise to your one day. “

selected text from Thomas a KempisMeditation on Death (p.21) from The Imitation of Christ

? What do you think about death? Are you ready for it ?