READING :: Exodus 16

Their story of 40 days in the desert wilderness is our story of 40 days in the desert.

Jesus’ 40 days were a bit different.

Have you thought about the parallels? The Hebrew people come through the water, lead by God, affirmed by God’s mighty deeds... and lead into the desert wilderness. Jesus, comes through the water in baptism, affirmed by the father, comes out and is... thrust / lead into the desert wilderness for 40 days.

It’s interesting to think about what he did in those 40 days.  We know he fasted, which would have been connected to prayer and meditation. My guess is that he struggled through his thoughts, his hunger, his calling. Did he pray in those moments, “if there is another way, do that. Pass this cup from me. But not my will but yours be done.” Maybe? Is this where he formulated the Lords prayer, “Father in heaven...” Were his 40 days of fasting, self denial, prayer, meditation hard for him? Probably. And then we know his 40 days finished with some good old fashions temptation. But guess what, Jesus was faithful.

Maybe this is where our stories diverge. Our story, the story of God’s people, exodus and now, is a story of wandering, temptation, and LOTS of failure. Jesus’ story is one of faithfulness.

May the same Spirit that thrust Jesus into the desert wilderness be with you while you find your self in the dry, desolate places of life and Lent where temptation will inevitable come. It is that Spirit that is faithful and it is our flesh that is week.

? How does your time in the desert of Lent or the desert of Life

compare and contrast to the time Jesus spent in his wilderness ?