READING :: Matthew 4:1-11

These forty days we are spending in the wilderness, deprived of some of our favorite, maybe most important things (i.e. coffee for some of you, maybe some kind of food). We spend these days in the desert with Jesus. Remembering that he spent forty days in the wilderness / the desert; fasting, praying, thinking and being tempted. We’ll dive into this more as we reflect on the desert this week but we are like those who fail and Jesus is the one who did not. That’s important to remember as we journey for forty days, with Jesus, in the desert of self denial, temptation, and self examination.

Also, maybe you heard a sermon yesterday on Matthew 4:1-11, i did. This verse was also one of our readings from yesterday. If that is the case i hope that message centers you in this week of reflection on desert and temptation. If you weren’t able to listen to a message i recommend you get ahold of one. My pastor preached a great message yesterday on these verses, talking about the temptations of Christ and what they have in common and what they teach us. As soon as he podcasts that message you’ll be able to listen to it HERE :: Church of the Redeemer // Sermons.

I will also be posting another reflection later today on failure. So stayed tuned!

? As you have been thinking and fasting what have your temptations been ?