[ READING :: Exodus 3:1-12 ]

It’s really easy to breeze by this passage because it’s a famous one and we all probably know it. It’s easy to get caught up in it’s miraculousness, after all it’s a burning bush. But when i stop and think i realize that yea the bush is on fire and it’s not burning up but maybe key to the entire story is that God is present, that He inhabits  the ordinary, his presence is found in the very things (an ordinary bush and some ordinary ground) that Moses has probably walked on and past for days and days. The ground is Holy because God is present and maybe if we were a little more aware we would never put shoes on again.

And then if verse 12 we read the promise... “And God said, ‘i will be with you...’”

Meditation / Exercise ::.

A friend of mine says Christianity can be summed up in one word: awareness. On the spiritual path, mystics are those who are aware; their eyes have been opened to the things of God and they have “seen.” They know themselves to be deeply loved by God, experiencing the Divine as the bedrock of all existence.

This exercise will cultivate seeing with the artist’s eyes in the hope of becoming more aware. Before setting out upon a prayerful walk, take a moment to center yourself in the love of God. You may use any method that works for you, or you may try simply paying attention to your breath. As you inhale, breathe in God’s love. As you exhale, let go of anything blocking that love. . . . .

Take a prayerful walk and photograph evidence of God’s presence at work in the world with a one-time-use camera.

— From Creativity and Divine Surprise by Karla Kincannon (found in the Upper Room Daily Reflection for today, Wednesday 3/30)

? Where do you see God in the mundane, the ordinary, the daily aspect of life ?