An invitation // LENT 2011

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Lent is the time in the Christian year that leads us to Easter and our celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. For most of my Christian life i was aware of Lent but didn’t really engage in the creative aspects of Lent that Christians have been participating in for many many years. For the past five years or so my engagement in Lenten exercises has been water for my thirsty soul. Lent is usually a period marked by prayer, penitential activities, extra care to those in need and radical self-denial. I have simplified that in my own life by saying that during Lent i will add something, subtract something, and spend intentional time of self examination, all with the hope and expectation of participating in the resurrection.

So this year i hope to guide you and whoever wants to join me in a journey of discovery by addition, subtraction and introspection. This journey, if your care to join, will be shared right here on my blog -- www.erikwillitsblogcom --  The plan is to post daily bible readings, reflections, quotes and thoughts on the season of Lent and the journey that we are on. The journey of following Jesus through the desert, to the cross and ultimately participating with him in the resurrection.

My hope is that there would be sharing through comments and emails and that it would be a valuable spiritual experience for all who engage.


In the next week, leading up to Ash Wednesday (which is March 9th and begins the season of Lent) i will be posting a few blogs that share some of my understand of Lent and Lenten activities and / or simply that share some things that might help us along the way. ( i would love your feedback and wisdom here.)  is the destination.

Your invited to journey along side!