i got hacked... AWESOME!

Screen shot 2011-02-15 at 4.37.22 PMSo last week this blog got hacked! How cool is that?!?!?(this is the exact picture they used to let me know, thanks hacker!)

I mean seriously, i'm pretty much a nobody so it's pretty surprising & amusing that someone would go to the trouble to hack my blog and put a picture with an email address below insinuating they are bribing me or something. HA!!! #1. i don't have money to be bribed! #2. If you think this blog is significant enough to warrant a hostage take over you probably need to do more research on hacking victims! HA!!!

So yea, i think that's kinda hilarious.

My blog is still a bit vulnerable because i don't know how to update my wordpress on my server. (anyone want to help?) But the REALLY good news, which i am extremely excited about is...  this blog will be getting a facelift in the next month or so.

I'm going to be getting some new internet real estate! So my website and blog will be revamped and integrated with each other. Pretty stoked about that!  So stay tuned for the new look!

The one thing that i am bummed about is that i was at a really great conference last week and i wasn't able blog about it, you know, cause of the hostage take over. I was the AMiA Winter Conference and it was awesome! I really felt at home. Which is like the greatest gift God could have given me at the conference. I'm pretty overwhelmed at God's graciousness to me and i'm excited to share some of what i learned and what i took away from my day and a half at the conference. But for now, a big cheers to hackers! I love it, kinda wish i was a hacker, it just sounds so cool and makes me think of the Matrix - GREAT MOVIE!

Grace and peace erik