Salt & Light with Mr. Keller

So, i've never really gotten into Tim Keller much. I blame it on John Piper (long story). Keller seems to lean a bit to reformed for my liking but a lot of people who i really respect are big Keller fans, maybe i need to give him a shot. ALSO, i've preached over the last year quite a bit on being Salt & Light... The message has been entitled :: Preserving & Illuminating a Masterpiece; A Meditation on Being Salt & Light. (the file is unedited / rough but listen if you dare. When you click on the link a down will ensue, it's an MP3 file.)

So today... I ran across this little video of Tim Keller talking about being salt & light, talking about the christians call to interact with culture and as he says, "being salt because we are lifting up the right way of being human opposed to the wrong way."

I really like what he says. And i lean pretty heavily toward the "Hauerwasian" view of things and the idea of counter culture but i agree with him, i'm not sure why both views can't be embrace by a community and probably even by the individual.

Just listen for yourself... and enjoy!