My favorite month to blog / FREE MONTH

January is my favorite month to blog, there is so much to say and reflect on. And it’s the perfect time to bust out your top 5 or top 10 lists of the previous year. Which is always a good times and which i will be doing shortly...

Top 10 books

Top 10 movies

Top 10 TV shows

Top 10 albums


I’ve also declared January a free month. Instead of making my new years resolutions in December, i’ve decided that i will make my new years resolutions in the new year... so January is a free month! TAKE IT!  It’s a month to think and dream of what i want to be in this new year and then make resolutions that will help to move me in that directions.


Resolutions can be about empty goals, failed intentions, and unrealistic dreams OR they can be about something much more.

I’ve shared this for the last year or two (check out last’s years blog) but i think at the heart of just about every new years resolution is a desire to be free. Free from the things that have held us back, free from the things that we’ve been addicted to, and free from the bondage and baggage that kept us from being who we were created to be.

God’s pattern throughout the entire bible is to step into our circumstances and bring freedom and wholeness so that we can be the people he has created for us to be. What if this year your resolutions signified more than a bunch of empty, sure-to-fail goals but rather they represented all the ways you were going to follow God into freedom and wholeness in this new year!

Make some resolutions...

And follow God into the freedom he has for you in 2011, or ’11 as i’m calling it!

grace and peace and a amazing ’11!