I’m a fan of Martin Luther King Jr. for a couple reasons...

He’s a great example of a imperfect person who had a huge impact on his world. An impact that lasts. And this is true primarily because of his ideology and passion and in spite of his failures. This gives me hope... maybe God can use me to make an impact despite my glaring imperfection and struggles.

I say all this because i lived in Montgomery AL (another reason i love MLK) the home of a lot of the civil rights movement and a home of MLK. And i remember hearing from multiple people when i lived there, “Oh, why should we celebrate that man, he cheated on his wife.” As if his failures disqualified his accomplishments. So i love MLK Day because we are declaring that his struggles and imperfection do not define him and don’t have to define us. I’m not sure the truth of any of those allegations on MLK but what i am certain of is that he was human and i’m sure he failed in some way... but for me and hopefully for you that doesn’t define him. His life, passion and impact on our culture is what defines him. he and his and words call us into a radical space of love and equality. I place we / i don’t live into perfectly but a place i hope to live into more everyday and call others into as well.


I love that we celebrate the life and ideology of a radical non-violent protagonist. He, like Gandhi and in my opinion, Jesus, called people to respond to violence and hate with love and embrace rather than more violence, force, coercion and war. And they won! They achieved so much by living non-violent, counter culture, anti-coercive kind of lives. The misconception of non-violence and pacifism is that it equals non-action, MLK shows the fallacy of that idea. He was incredibly active in his non-violence! Non-violence IS NOT non-action.

So this is a great day and i hope you find a way to celebrate!

Write a blog! Share a story! Resolve and fight! Tweet or facebook a quote! Take a stand against an injustice! Find someone marginalize and love them! Celebrate the life of a truly revolutionary American figure, Martin Luther King Jr.

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Happy MLK day!

Grace and Peace