"I can't wait" Advent :: 4.0

It's a conspiracy... And most of you have probably hear of it by now, the Advent Conspiracy. I love what they are doing and the heart behind it!

[ Worship Fully]  [ Spend Less ]  [ Give More ]  [ Love All ]

My wife and i haven't talked about it much just cause we don't have much cash this Christmas. But when i say that i'm thinking of the budget we set for our family and yea, it's probably pretty conservative if i'm comparing it to the American average (which the video below says is $743 - HOLY CRAP that's a lot of money!) But our budget is probably about what many families around the world make in a year. That still a lot!

When you have something like a billion people who live on $1 a day does it not feel a bit dirty to spend $300, $400, $500, $600, even $743 dollars in month on gifts, on extra stuff.

Like i said, my wife and i haven't talked much about this yet but we're going to! Maybe we'll help build a well with Global Support Mission / Know.Think.Act (that last link is to a well project we are involved with, check it out.) OR maybe we will decided to give up a mocha here and there and partner with The Mocha Club. OR even sponsor a child with World Vision.

I'm not sure what we are going to do but i want to conspire against the norm. The norm of spending, indulgence, overdoing it, and consumerism.

You see, i can't wait till Jesus comes back and makes all things right, when justice will flow like a river but until then... i can't wait to see what a handful of people could do if they were to conspire against the norm and actually worship the baby Jesus and give a little to those he was born for.