“I can’t wait!” Advent :: 3.0

Advent brings with it a double meaning...

I was going to preach on this tonight at a young adult bible study i speak at on Monday here in Nashville, The Loop Nashville - BUT - it snowed an inch and it’s cold... so they cancelled it, they cancelled schools, they cancelled everything. The South can be so lame!

But in preparation for an this evening i was thinking more about the idea of waiting, advent, and all it's nuances!

1st there is the “I can’t wait” of incarnation, the birth of a boy that will save us, “Hosanna to the Son of David.” We re-live the anticipation, the excitement, and the glory of the incarnation every year during the advent season. We remember, even better, we re-live the divine moment where a baby, that happened to be God, was born. A moment in human history that epitomizes the way of God desires to bring salvation to all of humanity. We wait for the birth of a weak and helpless baby who carries in bones and blood the salvation of humanity... WE WAIT FOR IT. And it is truly glorious.

2nd is the “I can’t wait” of his return. That day when all will be made right and that for which we ultimately wait will be given and completed and all will be made new. You see advent reminds of us of a greater anticipation, that of his return, of the reconciliation and recreation, true shalom.

So we wait!


I can’t wait!