Giving up the ghost...

I heard this phrase in a tune a while back and thought, “What the heck does that mean.” I had never heard of it and thought it was peculiar to say the least. Come to find out it means death, dyeing or letting something die. It’s weird, peculiar, etc... i like it. "Giving up the ghost." Makes me think... what are the things that i need to let die? Maybe things, attitudes, desires, thoughts, actions, occupations, relationships... what are the things that i just need to let die. They are a mere ghost of what they once were... really they are already dead but we just hold on. What do you need to give up the ghost of?

Sometimes i think this blog is one of those things for me. As of late it’s been a skeleton of what it once was. But i’m not ready to give up on her just yet, with a little tlc maybe we can get this blog / conversation back to full strength, maybe. (as i type this i realize i post something every few months that says, “i need to blog more.” We’ll see.)

I’m in Kansas City at one of my favorite little coffee shops in the area, time = blogging. Hopefully i can shoot out a couple more blogs in the next couple days.

So if this blog isn’t one of the things i need to give up the ghost of... what are the things that need to die so that i can truly come to life? That’s a hard question. John Foreman says in one of his songs that “it takes a long time to kill a man, 55 years at least...” He follows that by saying he wants to die a lot quicker than that, i’m with him!

Learning to die erik