So i wrote this sweet blog post the other day but instead of posting it right away i thought i would let it simmer for a bit and really dial it in. And let me tell you, IT WAS GOOD!!! Then the battery on my new MacBook Pro died (my fault) and when i turned it back on / plugged it in... GONE!

My sweet blog post was gone along with some important notes i had typed from an important conversation with my brand manager / friend Jeremy Tucker.

Super bummed about that... One person told me, "Makes me glad i use windows 7." i thought for a minute and realized... THEY DON"T HAVE A CLUE! I lived with window for 22 years of my life, i would never ever think of going back. Even if this happened once a week... which it wouldn't, cause it's a Mac!  ;-)

But yea, if you see a post entitle "Knee-jerk" it will be my attempt to recapture the brilliance of my previously lost piece of blogosphere art. It might take awhile!

Peace and frustration (with computers) erik