Sweet Spot...

This past weekend i was in McPherson Kansas. You might think, where? I would respond, exactly! BUT in the booming town of McPherson lies Central Christian College. And i had the opportunity to speak in their chapel on Friday morning.

I brought a messages i have entitle, “Preserving and Illuminating a Masterpiece | a meditation on being salt & light :: Matthew 5:13-17.” I thought it was a great message for these college students, challenging them to embrace God’s intention for all of creation, specifically humanity and then go into the world and show people how to truly live.

The message went well, they even clapped for me at the end, which might be a first and i have slightly mixed feeling about it. I guess the hope would be bewilderment and or challenge. But i guess i’ll take applause, i just hope they got what i was saying, cause it's really hard!

Anyway, i title this post sweet spot not because McPherson is a “sweet spot” - i try not to lie in my blogging, and not because Central Christian College was a “sweet spot” although i did really like their campus and the students seamed to be a great bunch and everyone was extraordinarily hospitable towards me. But that’s not it either. I title this post sweet spot because this age group really is my “sweet spot” - i love it!

I have had the opportunity to preach / teach at a hand full of colleges and universities, i speak at a college / young adult gathering on Monday nights here in Nashville, and over all i really enjoy building relationships and mentoring this demographic. I love it!

All that to say, i throughly enjoyed my time at Central and i continue to pray for more opportunities like it!

Grace and peace