Road Trip // Music Monday 18.0

I've been on the road a bit lately, my last trip was about 26 hours total. A LOT of time for good music and some podcasts of course! So i decided to keep track of what i listened to on the road trip and share it with you... bring back a little music monday action, road trip addition.

In no particular order here are the tunes i listens to on my most recent road trip...

John Mark McMillan

His album The Medicine is a must listen. With tracks like Skeleton Bones, Death in His Grave, and of course How He Love this album is one that is really easy to listen to on repeat a few times! I know i did!!!

The Welcome Wagon

A album with a worship fold / sufjan twist, it’s a bit different but really good. I heard about this project a while back cause Sufjan Stevens himself produced it or something like that. I figured it would be good... and it is!

Enter the Worship Circle

An OLD favorite that i bust out every once in awhile. I did on this trip and never regret it. SO stinking good!

Jordan Frye & Urban Rescue

Jordan Frye is the front man for the worship band Urban rescure. I've really enjoy their CD, it might helps that Jordan is a bud of mine! Both, his non-worship solo CD and his Worship CD are great! If you like a Bon Iver kinda feel you’ll probably like his solo CD. I DO!

Mike Crawford and the Secret Siblings

Buy it if only to listen to the song Words to the Build a Life on. SO GOOD! I’ve had it for a LONG time but since i’ve been preaching on the beatitudes i’ve been listening to it a lot these days.

The Confessions of St. Augustine

This audio book is like over 10 hours long! Holy LONG... i listen to like an hour of it.

Mars Hill Podcast (Rob Bell / Shane Hipps / Peter Rollins)

Always a road trip favorite. I probably listened to a half dozen messages on this trip. Topping the list; The Village Elder (a really good perspecitve on getting old), The Pain is Our Teacher, Fruit, Tortured By Books... among others.

Neue Podcast

So... i’m not really a fan of Mark Dricoll. And that’s putting it nicely. But because of this i feel like i need to give him the chance to prove me wrong every once in awhile, AND HE NEVER DOES! Until now... I listened to an interview with him on Relevants Neue podcast and he wasn’t a tool! I actually liked what he had to say and he even seems to come across mildly humble. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

A few more to round out my 26 hours...

Bon Iver

ESPN Radio

The Avett Brothers


Minus the Bear

Paper Route