Labor Day...

Well i actually labored on labor day. Many of you know  i work at the Cheesecake Factory part-time. It's a good gig. They are super flexible, i hardly worked at all this summer and they were cool with it. Admittedly i'm ready to be done with the side gig but for not it's perfect. I did have to work labor day however! Boooo... i know, know! But the perks were, #1. i met Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman. When i say meet them it was more like this; Nicole,  "Ummm. i was suppose to be getting a salad?"  Keith, "Yea, i got my food and she didn't get hers. We thought it was weir they didn't come out at the same time." (is an amazing Australian acsent of course) Me, "Oh, so sorry about that. It would be on it's way but i will double check for you." As i was walking away the salad got their and kept us from becoming best buds. But we hung out non-the-less.  ;-)  #2. the dude from Orange County Chopper was in as well. We didn't to hang out but it's cool seeing a non-music semi-superstar. Other than that it was a crappy day to be stuck inside! The real fun of was had on Sunday afternoon / evening. The fam and i met up with some friend at Arrington. It was amazing. I have posted a photo album of the day on Facebook and Flickr but thought i would share a few of them here as well because they are Aaaaa-mazing!

Here ya go!

flying babiesthe fam




All photography credit goes to the one and only Cody Springs (nick name... Well i can't tell you)

Great day, with some great friends. I need it!

Until next time labor day. PEACE erik