GOALS :: measuring in words and lbs

So, my summer is officially over and i have some GOALS!I often don't bother with goals because i'm really good at missing them or just forgetting them altogether. But this year, we will see if i can "press on" as Paul might say.

For me September through May is what i call my year. Makes me feel like a school boy and keeps me on a rhythm of sorts. Summers are usually hectic and uber busy so the summer falls outside of my year... it's summer!

Well this "year" i have set 2 goals.

#1. I want to write more! My first book is done! It's a little devotional book. I need to edit it a bit and hammer a few things out but i am in the process of looking for a publisher / figuring out how to self-publish. Oh the fun! But it's coming a long and  i have a couple good leads. We shall see how it pans out. I don't have much cash to make this project happen with everything else going on in my life so a real publisher would be nice but the ones i have talked to so far, as much as they like my product seem to thing devotional books aren't a real "money maker" these days. Their probably right.

But other than this adventure i am working on a couple other things... i know the suspense is killing you, right?!?! But yea, these projects will remain nameless  until i make some real headway. It's seems like everybody involved will be disappointed less, including myself, if i just don't talk about it much for now.

THE REAL GOAL :: all this talk is nice and all but i do actually have a real concrete goal... i would like to write one 1000 word article a month. They may or may not ever be read by anybody other than you, my faithful blog enthusiasts, but the practice and discipline will be good. And hopefully i might even get one or two of them published. Who knows. The goal is simply to write.

#2. I would like to shed a few lb's! (those are pounds for those of you that don't know.)

Right now i'm hovering around the 215 mark (CONFESSION). My college tennis weight was about 185 - 190. If i could get down to 200 lbs that would be amazing! I've started to run a little bit, i mean a VERY little bit. I want to start eating a little better, A LITTLE. And i even have a YMCA membership that i have used twice in the last month, give me a break... it's a start. So hopefully with the summer over and the heat subsiding (kinda, it's suppose to be in the 90's all week) i will be able to start moving toward my goal, albeit slowly and surely!

Here's to another year!

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