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Well i sent out my eNewsletter today! It's just a little update / recap of my summer ministry happenings. It was a really good summer. If you didn't get the newsletter you should sign up HERE! Or if you would like to read this months update on line you can check it out HERE. Here are a few of my favorite parts of the letter...

What some people have said about the summer, students and youth pastors;

Katy, yeah my life was changed by God at teen camp majorly! And i can't help but wonder if it was the speaker that helped it happen??!! lol”

Jonah, The Holy Spirit has definitely been moving in my life. Camp was a great spiritual "rebirth" because for a while i was just going through the motions. Since camp I've been reading a lot of a scripture,  and sharing with my friends and will continue to.”

Scot (youth pastor), "Erik, your passion for the students was evident at camp! Thanks so much for preaching the Word, it was an awesome week of camp. It was great to see you relating to student on the activity field just as much as you did in the chapel services. You have an awesome ministry, keep it up! I know God showed up at camp and challenged us all in many ways. Thanks for letting God use you!”

I've been able to hear some great stories of student deciding to follow Jesus and totally giving everything to do so! Again, i’m reminded of why i do what i do. I’m just thankful to be apart of God’s movement among this generation of young people!

I was also reminded of little something important; In all honesty i wonder how effect this ministry is sometimes. How may of these students really make lasting decisions? I am pretty careful to not manipulate emotions and i refuse to evaluate the effectiveness of a camp by the number of students who come to the altar or fill out a decision cards. But when a student is walking out the sanctuary with tears in his eyes and says to me, “i think God changed my life tonight.” I am reminded why i speak at camps. And i am reminded that i once upon a time was that student. I didn’t have a clue, i wasn’t a church kid, i was a little punk Jr. higher but something happen at an altar at a camp that changed the trajectory of my entire life. I was reminded of that this summer and i feel humbled, unworthy, and honored to participate in God’s movement of grace in the camp setting. Once again i experienced that this summer, it was awesome, truly! Students responding to Jesus and He was lifted high... this is why i do what i do!

And as always i have some great pictures and videos to document the journey! You can check em' out on flickr!

Screen shot 2010-09-07 at 10.58.02 AM

Well i hope you take the time to read the entire newsletter. I'm excited about what God's doing and the opportunities he is giving me. Of course i wish things we're happening faster and things like that but really, i can't complain. I'm very thankful to be able to participate in God's work! I look forward to continuing that and having you as a partner as i do it.

Grace and peace erik

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