Summer, slacker, and gearing up...

My summer is officially over! That’s always bitter sweet right. I mean, i LOVE the ministry i do during the summer. Camps and festivals, different stuff like that. I really enjoy it, i started following Jesus at a summer camp so it’s pretty humbling and amazing to be able to participate in that ministry from the other the side, as the weird guy who is doing the talking about Jesus. I really do love it. BUT it’s always pretty taxing. LOTS of travel (my last trip i drove about 44 hours, WOW) Lots of time away from family which is WAY harder now that i have a kid. This was a mild summer, i only had 3 camps but i was still gone 34 for days. Much less than a few summers ago but still a lot with a 6 month old crawling around! So yea, i’m glad the summers over but it was a great summer! I’m working on a summer newsletter. The email will probably go out right around the 1st of September. If your not on my eNewsletter list, SIGN UP HERE!

Looking back i have been a pretty huge blog slacker around here this sumer. It feels like i’ve taken a blogging sabbatical or something. Which has kinda been nice! But i also miss it. I enjoy blogging! Sharing my thoughts, my randomness, and a little bit of the life i’m living. I’m enjoy living in community, this blog a is a little part of that.

But now it’s time to gear up for the fall! Which could be a the name of a rad album right, “gearing up for the fall” but instead it’s just what i’m doing. Lot’s of projects to be working on, events to prepare for, and a life to be lived! ??I look forward to sharing along the way!

grace and peace erik