Relevant Neue Magazine & Podcast

At one point in time i was a huge listener to the Relevant Podcast. But the novelty wore off and the podcast episodes kinda became hit or miss... mostly miss to be honest. I am a subscriber the magazine and really love what Relevant does (i even hope to contribute someday). Screen shot 2010-07-22 at 11.09.04 PMRecently i started listening to their Neue podcast. Just select episodes online. In case you don't know Neue is Relevant magazine's publication for Church leadership and specific ministry / church content. It's pretty good from the little i've ready but i really have started to enjoy their podcast. I've only listened to a handful of them so far but their good and address things that pastors  and leaders will benefit from.

My favorites so far...

NT Wright Conversation :: In this podcast NT (Tom) talks about his book After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters. My favorite part of this podcast was to hear NT Wright talk about the bible! So refreshing to hear a color wearing Anglican Bishop talk about the scripture with a sparkle in his eye and love in his voice! The more i enter the Anglican world the more i run into people like this. I LOVE IT! And NT Wright represents well! Listen to this one, you'll enjoy it!

Pete Wilson Conversation :: I know Pete (he has a blog) and he is a good dude! He recently wrote a book (that i hope to read if i can get Pete to give me a copy!!!  ;-)  And he talks a bit about this book and really just talks about his heart as a pastor and the  culture of honesty he is creating among his pastoral staff at Cross Point. I love it and think many churches could learn from Pete's leadership / staffing model. A good chat for sure, you'll enjoy this one as well.

Those are my 2 favorites so far.

You can also read previous issues of Neue magazine right there on their website, which is pretty sweet!

Check it out!

grace and peace erik