Summer :: Week #1 :: YOUTHFRONT / KC Naz

SUMMER 2010! It has begun! This summer is a solid  summer, i have 3 camps and am talking to another. Not as busy as a few summers ago, 7 camps. And busier than last summer 2 camps. So i am pretty stoked about the summer. it's a perfect pace with Jack here and i am really excited about some of the things i will be sharing.

Week 1, in the books!

Picture 4

Week 1 / Camp 1 was spent at Youthfront South. Youtfront is a youth ministry organization doing some really cool stuff in the KC Metro area and in the youth ministry world in general.

And they do camp right!

There was a lot of great aspect to this camp (i will share some reflection in posts to come) but my favorite thing about this camp was the intentionality they had. We followed the daily office, we had huge experience times connected to the message, there was a ton of time for student reflection, staff was great, and all around there was a lot of great elements to camp. Yea, i have some critique but for the most part it was a great week, they do camp right!

And like i said, there is more reflection from week 1 to come!

Grace and peace erik

PS :: make sure you check out Youthfront!