Summer :: Week 1.3 :: Nuggets!

Well despite my last post my first week of summer went really well. As mentioned earlier Youthfront really does things right, they are very intentional when it comes to their programming and that is a win for the camp, for the speaker, and most importantly for the students! One thing they do differently than most camps i speak at is they assign a text to preach each day. They do this so that they can tie other elements into the message. And that's great but in reality it does make my job a bit harder.

I mean think about it, during my busiest summer i think i did, 8 - 9 - 10 camps, something like that. A normal busy summer for me averages 7 camps. If each of those camps gave me the text to preach for each message i would have to prepare around 56 message for one summer. That would be crazy my friends! Typically i spent April and May preparing 10 or so messages that i will share all summer, that's my method.

BUT! with that said, some of the text i was given to preach on really excited me and i feel like the Lord gave me some great nuggets to share.

Especially for the thursday and friday messages! The messages went awesome! i think students were really responsive and i sensed that Jesus was up to some big stuff! Because most of the response was done in cabin time i didn't get to see that part but i heard that at least one student give his life to the Lord and started following Jesus for the 1st time. AMAZING!

So yea, I love preaching the gospel and when i find a nugget that is new, that feels like it's a direct revelation from Jesus i get so pumped to preach it's not even funny! I have at least one of those for this summer! Can't wait to share it some more!!!

So, one week down (it was awesome) and a few more to go! Be praying that God would continue to move and act and we would see the fruit of his Spirit growing in lives like a weed!

Grace and peace erik