HOLY CRAP i'm getting married--all over again!

Below is a screen shot of a post from April 10th, 2008. 3 days before my wedding! My good friend Jake Edwards called me today. He's getting married in a couple hours. When he called me he said, "I've got four hours till i get married." And as we talked about the joy and fear, the anticipation and emotion of the day all those feelings came rushing back to me, as if i were experiencing them all over again.

I remember my train ride into the city, where i briefly shared some of my thoughts. Oh the emotion! Those 3 or 4 days were probably some of the more FULL days of my life.

I hope for my friend Jake! I hope that these days and in-particular this day will be as FULL for him as it was for me!

remembering those moments... erik

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