Some questions...

I had a great weekend with friend & musician Jordan Frye (go buy his new EP, you won’t be sorry!). We had some great conversation and it sparked some great questions. I’ve also been hanging out in Carlsbad CA with my buddy Nate Wells, landscaping extraordinaire, stud surfer, even better youth pastor, and just an all around good dude! We’ve also been talking about church, life, and what it really means to be a follower of Jesus. (mostly over sushi and / or coffee!). There's been a dozen other peoples along the way, all great conversations about following Jesus and living his life on this earth! SO yea, I been having some great conversation over the last week, thought I would share some of the thoughts these conversations have provoked in my own brain. Let me know what you think!

|| 1st question

Why do we go to church? I feel like there are a lot of answers to this question but really, why do we go to church? Why do we think it’s important. I have a list of answers but I’m afraid my answers are canned, rehearsed, things I’ve written on a piece of paper labeled the “right answer” but I’m removed from the heart of the issue and the real answer(s) that are important to real people instead of the text books, pastors, or theology buffs. So why to we go to church, really?

|| 2nd pondering

What must we believe to be a “Christian” a follower of Christ? What are the essentials? Are there some things we just need to accept despite our disbelief or lack of understanding? My initial response is yes! But I want to step back, be humble, and actually let it be a question. To many times we give our immediate denial or rebuttal and never really let the question be engaged and pondered. In one conversation I had this week the question of essentials came up. One person said, “the only thing you need to believe is love. Love God, Love others.” I propose there are a few other essential of the Christian faith and life. Things like the Trinity, the resurrection of Jesus, etc. So really, what are the essentials for a Christians? Do we consult the 39 articles of religion? The creeds? Or do we just need to love?


Really I’ve been thinking about a lot of things. My mind and heart has been full, hopeful, contemplative, and wandering all at the same time. California and Jesus will do that to ya. or at least it does to me.

Think // praying // pondering Erik