The Way It's Suppose To Be...

Do you ever stand still and look around, realizing something is off? That something isn’t the way it is suppose to be. Well you should, you should have that feeling often if you are a follower of Jesus. I just found out today that a guy I know, his wife died. I don’t know this fellow well, I have actually never met him but he’s probably about my age and so was his wife. They were both followers of Jesus and as I hear him talking about his late wife and he seems ok, strong even. It’s evident that his faith in Jesus and His resurrection is a foundation for him during this time. This is an amazing testimony to the hope we have in Jesus, for sure!

BUT, when I found this out today I was overwhelmed with a sense, this IS NOT how things are suppose to be.

Monday I assisted a buddy of mine who is a film director. He was shooting a video for Vanderbilt hospital. Around every corner was someone sick or dying, someone in pain, or a family member distraught with the pain of loss and hurt. As we were walking through the children’s hospital I saw a little girl, 9 or 10, being wheeled around. She was bald and looked as if she didn’t have an ounce of energy to give life. Again, my heart ached and my mind thought, this IS NOT how things are suppose to be.

I just wanted to pray with people and let them know God was by their side and their pain wasn’t being overlooked. Their cries were being heard. And this isn’t how things are suppose to be and it’s not how this will always be.

Even as a type, and my eyes well up, I think about the universe and it’s oh so evident misalignment to dream of God. It’s overwhelming is it not.

I think about Dr. John, the homeless man that my wife has been getting to know. I’ve only talked to him a couple times but again, it’s just NOT how its suppose to be.

Have you have had this sense?

There is holy longing in the life of the Christian for things to be made right. For life to be like God intended for it to be. I sense this longing all to often!

But until the Kingdom comes on earth I will attempt to live as if it’s already here.

Grace and peace Erik