Ben Rector // Music Monday 17.0

benrector_morningEvery once in awhile I run across an album or artist I just can’t stop listening to, Ben Rector is that fellow! I picked up his free sampler on Noise Trade a few weeks back. Since then I have went out and got everything he’s every done! Including his new album, Into The Morning, that just release this February. SO GOOD!

This is the current song that’s on repeat (from his new album).

Heart Break “ I don’t have answers and neither do you. I know the pain of a heartbreak. It isn’t easy, it isn’t clear and you don’t need Jesus until you’re here. When confusion and the doubts you have up and walk away, they walk away, when a heart breaks.

I don’t know, i really resonate with that. It’s prophetic lines like this that make me ponder life and reflect on the heartbreak of life, the moments when all has gone south and the ones you wanted to love you the most say your not welcome any longer. The times when all you can see is the darkness around you, the closed doors in front of you, and the bad news that isn’t far behind you. I know the pain of a heartbreak! And it’s true, we all too often don’t need Jesus until you find yourself here, in despair. If only we would rely on Him more, in the good and bad.

But pondering despair and heartbreak reminds me that there is hope and his name is Jesus. And that really, I always need him.

So yea, I LOVE IT!

Ben is pretty poppy most of the time. One of those singer songwriters who appeals to the college crowd quite a bit. But he has some great faith thoughts weaved into his tunes and just great music in general! YOU MUST check out his stuff! I think I like his last album a tad bit more then his new one but they are both stellar! Both are much better then his first.

My favorite songs of his comes from his sophomore release, Songs That Duke Wrote and the song is entitled The Kill, check it out! The song slays me every time! (it's the the first song he plays on this video)

(and here is the CD version - SO GOOD!!!)

So go buy ALL of Ben's stuff today! You won't regret it!