Life, holding patterns, and blogging

My life seems to be flying by… And standing still… All at the same time.

Have you ever been here before?

Jack's headI look at my son Jack, he will be 4 months old on Wednesday, HOLY CRAP! It seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. Maybe I will say that for the rest of my life but especially right now, it just seems like time is flying by. And I am almost 31, holy crapole!!!

Then there are the million other things I want, hope, and dream to do. And these things don’t seem to be coming my way fast enough. In so many ways life seems to be in a holding pattern. And yea, I get frustrated (really frustrated, just ask my patient and loving wife) about the lack of time I have to do just about anything I am passionate about. It just seems like I’m in a holding pattern when it comes to ministry and projects I dream of doing and churches I dream of planting. But instead of getting these things done I am waiting tables and hold reflectors. Jobs I’m thankful for (or try to be) but I really wish I didn’t have to do them. I just wish I could do what I do and preach the Gospel every chance I got. I’m ready to just do the things i'm passionate about again!

Maybe time will never be abundant again, after all I am now a parent and that isn’t changing anytime soon, EVER! But it just seems like so many things I want that aren’t happening like I want them to and instead I’m just having to wait and inch toward my dreams instead of running toward them. Bla bla bla!

But there are also many things to be thankful for! I do feel like things are finally moving in a really positive direction when it comes to ministry. I have a little son and every time I look at him (when he’s not howling or puking on me) I am filled with gratitude, and even when he is howling and puking I’m pretty thankful!

I am pretty thankful that God blesses the B team and is on the side of those who struggle and don’t have it all together. That’s me for sure. Maybe one of these days I will be more consistent with my blog, or I will wake up at 7 to work on my book, or I will make sure to read for 2 hours everyday. But until then, I will continue to try and follow Jesus, to be filled with His Spirit and be lead into a more fully human life day by day.

“Holiness is moment by moment.” John Wesley


I do have some fun things to blog about. I’ll try and get to them soon!

Grace and peace Erik